The Best Fleet Partners Convert Data into Intelligence

By Wayne Smolda, CEO and Founder

A few months ago, Automotive Fleet magazine ran a story with the heading “Too Much Information? The Dangers of Data Drowning.” It said that since the 1970s, fleet managers have seen data about their operations increase “from a trick to a torrent,” and asked how they can separate useful data from noise.

It’s true that fleet managers are drowning in data and that fleet services providers are responsible for generating more if it every day. But it’s important to acknowledge the strides that a number of providers have already made to resolve the problem, and that more efforts are in the works.

For example, at CEI we’ve made a significant investment to recreate ClaimsLink™, our core online accident management application. We’re also preparing to create the next generation DriverCare™, our fleet safety and risk management application. The current releases of each have helped turn fleet data into actionable information for years, but the new versions will mine that data in new ways, providing drivers and managers with more robust information. Both projects are the result of close cooperation with our customers, who communicate with us on issues like the ones raised in this article, as well as many others.

It’s to the mutual advantage of providers in this industry and their fleet customers to work closely together to identify what data is actionable, and how that data should be presented to get the maximum value out of it.