Fleet Executive of the Year – A Red Badge of Courage

By Wayne Smolda, CEO and Founder

Every Springtime we all head off to the annual NAFA Conference and name the new year’s Fleet Manager of the Year  and also the senior organizational leader who has helped the fleet management profession as the Fleet Executive of The Year. I am happy to announce the name of the winner and have CEI and DriverCare be the co-sponsor of this award with Fleet Financials magazine.

I personally do not choose the winner, but I am proud to announce the name at the opening breakfast meeting of the NAFA Conference. I will, however, take credit for promoting and formulating the nature and cause for this award. To me this recognizes the efforts of those not in fleet management who have served as a guiding mentor to fleet managers whose duty is to oversee the fleet transportation needs of their organizations. Fleet managers can’t arbitrarily decide the issues for fleet within their organizations. They need the counsel and input from senior leaders who shape fleet strategy as it pertains to the goals of the entity to be served.

Fleet executives provide representation as well to the very top of the organization so that the fleet management practices performed for the entity can be best appreciated to those at the top of the organization. Generally, the fleet executives who are vetted for this award are also responsible for other important areas of management, and this award is an expression of our appreciation for their efforts.

This will be our 11th year of presenting someone with the “Red Badge of Courage”. I look forward to making this award for many years to come. It truly is a duty that I and our teams at CEI and DriverCare are very proud to be a part of. Congrats to all who participate and especially to our named winners.